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Resident Managers

Resident managers at storage facilities ensure security and fluid function. Providing a facility with protection comes with benefits and drawbacks, and not all places chose to have a resident manager. Assessment of the pros and cons enables an owner to decide if they want to implement a manager, or rely on other sources to monitor the area.

Pros for resident managers include living on-site, no appliance bills, no commute to work, and overall a low cost of living. While the owner determines the compensation package, these factors are commonalities offered to the resident managers. Owners can also determine the number of hours they will work. Often, the owners will arrange an inclusive package where the manager’s bills are covered. Living quarters are determined by what the facility can offer, and typically makes for ample living space.

On the other hand, cons of being a resident manager are evident as well. Living on site night and day can blur the lines between personal and work time. It can be difficult to “not work” when still at the workplace. It can also be tempting to “not work” when still at the workplace. What happens on a resident manager’s watch is their responsibility, however when not working, it is hard to shed the veil of responsibility.

The job of the resident manager is becoming threatened. Due to developing technology, resident managers are becoming less necessary. Security systems can now perform the same function of the on-site manager. Secondly, some owners are finding it more cost efficient to hire a manager at a daily rate. This saves them from paying resident manager’s bills.

If you feel more comfortable having someone present around the clock, choosing a site with a resident manager is a good option.