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Best Natural Dog Food for Big Dogs

It seems that even the best reviewed natural dog food for big dogs can get yanked because of production malfunctions. This is what happened to Natura Pet Foods, whose Innova EVO dry dog food for large dogs was recalled in 2013 together with a whole lot of other products because of possible salmonella contamination. This is a shame because the product had hitherto enjoyed encomiums for quality. This illustrates the desirability of homemade dog food, but that is the subject for another article.

The dog food product in question is Natura Pet Innova EVO (Large bites), which is not currently being sold on Amazon or anywhere else. It was specifically lauded by dog care experts as one of the best brands of natural dog food for large breeds because it has a sufficiently high level of protein from turkey, turkey meal, chicken, and chicken meal. It also has a good mix of all natural ingredients including potatoes, apples, chicken fat, herring meal, egg, tomatoes, carrots, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, and dried chicory root. The product also contained probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and direct-fed microbials.

Moreover, the product was grain-free, which is considered a big plus in natural dog food because dogs cannot digest grains, which precludes any health benefits it may have had. These include corn, wheat and soy. All in all, the product had been the ideal natural dog food for big dogs.

Nevertheless, the characteristics of the product which made it a hit with dog health professionals are a good guide in choosing the best natural dog food for big dogs which are currently available in the market. The best natural dog food for big dogs should be high in human-grade, animal-source protein (at least 18%) and healthy fats, with a good mix of vegetables and fruits, and grain-free. So when choosing from available brands, make sure that your big dog is chowing down the right mix of natural ingredients to keep it healthy, happy, and fit.

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Robin Williams’ Family Feud Over Estate

“Genie, you’re free”, is the lachrymose tweet from the Academy on the event of Robin Williams’ passing on the 11th of August 2014. The world continues to mourn him and his memory while still holding fond memories of the famed actor – but those closest to Williams, those indubitably most affected by the loss, must now deal with a new kind of complication.

Susan Schneider Williams, the third wife and now widow of the Oscar award winner, has made claims against her co-trustees for unjustly moving personal effects found in Tiburon, California (also the home where the body of the famed actor was found after he hanged himself). She has defended this claim as one born out of fear as this estate, by rights, is one she is entitled to, following the trust that Williams himself set up. This was met with disagreement with the Williams children (Zachary, 33; Zelda, 25; Cody, 22).

The three have responded with a claim of their own, stating that the widow is willfully attempting to “obscure the language” so that more of the estate will go to her and going against the wishes of their recently departed father. Many have claimed that it is preposterous that this grieving family must be subjected to complex legal procedures while barely being able to grieve in privacy and peace – unfortunately, they are not exempt from the law; this includes probate law.

Peck Ritchey, LLC states on its website that cases such as this are complex and are hardly ever straightforward due to the fact that no will and testament is ever the same and there will be differences between the beneficiaries of the will. Legal experts must then be called upon the scene in order to investigate the manner while respectably and responsibly carrying out the just last wishes of the recently departed. It is undoubtedly difficult to deal with for any grieving family but it is an unfortunate truth that people must face – for there is hardly any freedom in death.

The Effects of a Workplace Injury on a Marriage

When a couple makes the traditional wedding vows that include the phrase “in sickness and in health,” they are probably envisioning the usual ailments that come with age and lifestyle. These can usually be anticipated and prepared for, so while still difficult it is manageable. But when serious injury occurs because of a workplace accident, it often catches both spouses by surprise.

The trauma of a sudden catastrophic event is often difficult to cope with, more so when it happens without warning. One minute you are fine, the next minute you have lost the use of your legs. It is painful on so many levels, especially if it could have been easily prevented, and even the strongest marriages can be put to the test.

Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to protect both employers and employees from the financial consequences of a workplace accident at least, and with the proper guidance, a successful claim can alleviate much of the costs of an injury. But there is much more to it than the money.

When an injured employee becomes physically dependent on the spouse, it can put a considerable strain on the relationship. It can be difficult for one spouse to give constant care, and for the injured spouse to receive it. Oftentimes, a couple that has gone through such an experience needs marriage counseling to put things into perspective, and to get help in learning how to cope with the new situation.

Marriage per se is difficult enough, which is why 50% of people who get married in the US get divorced. Throw in physical injury or disability into the mix, and it could really muck up the works. When a workplace injury occurs, it is important not only to consult with a competent workers’ compensation lawyer to help you make a claim but also a trained marriage counselor to guide you and your spouse through the rough patches.